In-person Experience in Hoi An, Vietnam

Take a walk with us down the ancient streets of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Sip on the city’s most sensational cocktails in secret spaces dating back more than 200 years. At each Secret stop in Old Town, you will discover curated cocktails made using a local, authentic touch.

As you wander through ancient alleyways, you’ll hear untold stories from our knowledgeable guest experience host.

Your palate and mind will be challenged as our host dives into the influential history of the Vietnamese relationship with the French, Japanese, Chinese, and more. Hear first-hand how the fusion of these cultures came together to create this unique, picturesque, and whimsical destination.


We’re able to accommodate various dietary restrictions or allergies – please let us know if you have any upon booking.
Mocktail options are also available.

✨ 4 secret spaces to discover, each with its own story

✨ 4 unique cocktails accompanied by small snacks

✨ An experienced host to lead you through our curated cocktail tasting

✨ Hear stories of Hoi An's past and present throughout the evening

✨ Meeting location is announced upon booking

✨ Group sizes from 2 to 12 guests; private experiences are also available

✨ Experiences begin at 5 pm and last approximately 3 hours
Please note that join-in experiences are available to adults only (18+).

We can accommodate children on private experiences - please enquire in advance.


Our Secret Cocktail Experience has been developed over years of tirelessly exploring the city’s hidden passages and secret alleyways to discover the perfect spaces for you, our guests.

Working hand-in-hand with some of Central Vietnam’s top mixologists and local producers, we selected a signature secret cocktail unique to each stop and designed to tantalize your taste buds the whole night through.

Not a traditional tour, our hand-curated experience connects you to the best hidden bars, secret spaces, and private homes. Experiences change regularly as we continue to eat, drink and discover the ever-evolving culture of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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