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Launched in early 2019, Secret Experiences quickly became the most unique thing to do in Vietnam. It was featured in The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and on many popular travel blogs.

After becoming popular in Hoi An, we started expanding to other cities in Vietnam and planned to grow internationally.

While 2020 put our expansion plans on hold, we started growing online and created our Virtual Experiences. For over 2 years, we were connecting with people from all over the world who are curious about Vietnam and its culture or just want to learn how to make a good drink and meet others online!

In 2022, when Vietnam opened its borders to international travelers, we restarted our in-person experiences in Hoi An and expended to Ho Chi Minh City.

By 2023, aside from our regular experiences, we have hosted hundreds of birthdays, bachelor parties, friends and family gatherings. We organized team building and corporate parties for Google, Apple, Instagram, Deloitte, Airbnb, and other global teams.



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Our team

We are founded and run by a small team of women. All of us have extensive travel and hospitality backgrounds and strong ties with Vietnam.

We are proud of being inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly towards our guests, partners, and team members.

Natalya wissink

Founder & CEO

Natalya has been living in Vietnam for over 10 years and is in love with this country’s culture and food.

She’s been working in tourism since she moved here and one day decided to leave a management position in a travel company to pursue her dream and start her own business. The idea came easily as she combined her passions – travel, mixology, art, as well as making meaningful connections.

Natalya hosts the online experiences and occasionally leads the in-person experiences in Saigon.

Julie Phung Vo

Strategic Assistant & Experience Host

in Ho Chi Minh City

Julie comes from the central part of Vietnam and has been calling Ho Chi Minh City her home for the last 12 years. She used to work for several popular bars and clubs in town and knows everything about the nightlife of Saigon.

Julie wears many hats and is involved in every part of our small business from marketing strategy to planning the events in detail.

She is cheerful and enthusiastic and can talk for hours about drinks, food, and culture.

Phi Dang

Business Development Executive

Phi is a native Hoianian and loves discovering other parts of Vietnam and the world.

She has an extensive travel industry and hospitality background and has experience living in several parts of Vietnam.

Phi loves trying new things and making new friends everywhere she goes!

Loan Nguyen

Operations Consultant

Loan is originally from Tam Ky, the capital city of Quang Nam province.

She has built an impressive career in travel, starting as a tour guide, later becoming a tour operator, and then being promoted to senior-level management positions. Her favorite parts of the job are product research, quality control, and team training.

Loan knows how to have fun. She is a free spirit, and is always up for a new exciting adventure!



Experience Host in Saigon

Dean is a seasoned F&B and hospitality professional. Former chef at upscale restaurants and a hotel GM in Australia, he opened the first gay bar in Hoi An and after running it for 6 years moved to Ho Chi Minh City.
Dean loves connecting with people over a good cocktail and an interesting conversation.


Experience Host in Hoi An

Tim is coming from the south of Vietnam but grew up in Canada. Experienced in travel industry, he loves Hoi An and Vietnamese culture and enjoyes conversations on any topic. Curious about people he will likely spend a few extra hours learning about your views and sharing his perspective.


Experience Host in Hoi An

Khieu was born in Hoi An and has been living here all her life. Khieu’s background is in F&B and hospitality. She loves meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories about her hometown. In her free time, she practices photography and enjoys reading a good book over a cup of tea.


Experience Host in Hoi An

Ky is a Hoi An local. After working for years as a bartender in a popular Hoi An bar he decided to devote his life to tourism. He like no one else knows how to take care of the guests and make sure they have their best time with us. Aside from loving good cocktails, Ky enjoys active sports, especially cycling.

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